Maintenance Technician


Maintenance Technician

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Perform tasks assigned by supervisors, relating to facilities or equipment of the hotel in the morning or night shifts depending on the needs of the service.

Responsibilities and Duties

● Is responsible for all HVAC, electrical, plumbing, refrigeration and audiovisual equipment and installations during shifts for any area, department and/or room within the hotel. 
● Performs the duties of this position in all hotel facilities, based on the work instructions, the Chief engineer instructions and the hotels policy

● Implements the preventive maintenance program on all issues (technical, electro- hydraulic, etc.) and repair faults. ● Takes all necessary actions for effective handling of the daily work. 
● Is always decently dressed, polite and willing to serve customers, contributing to the smooth operation of the department 
● Maintains all department work areas clean and neat. (engine rooms, workshops etc) 
● Collaborates and communicate effectively with superiors, and cooperate fairly with all staff and other hotel departments, including Marina 
● Informs the chief engineer on happenings and events in the field of this position. 
● Demonstrates a high degree of initiative and responsibility in relation to the tasks, especially in matters of Health & Safety, and fire prevention 
● Completes inspection forms on a daily base. 
● Is well familiar with the Department and Hotel policies and procedures, and the physical layout of the premises. Is knowledgeable to the emergency procedures. 
● Carries out any additional relevant duties assigned.


● Pleasant Attitude
● Problem Solving
● Numerical Skills
● Flexibility & Agility
● Ability to compute and manipulate mathematical calculations.

Qualifications and Educational Background

● Qualification and /or certifications in any relevant occupation (plumber, electrician,
● Previous hotel maintenance experience.
● Good understanding of electrical, plumbing and carpentry concepts.


English - A2

Greek - A2

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