Laundry Attendant

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Περιγραφή θέσης εργασίας

The coordination of the linen room, according to the hotel's procedure. To update all record books. To keep records of staff uniforms. To deal with guest laundry, contractor laundry and in-house laundry.

Responsibilities and Duties

● Receives dirty clothing in laundry, including linen, towel and staff uniforms, separates, counts and puts for washing.
● Coordinate with the OPL (on premise laundry) or suppliers concerning linen issues
● Implements procedures using professional equipment, such as washing, drying and ironing (cylinder) machines
● Receives customers clothes in the laundry and returns them in the room at the right time the customer wants. Solves customer complaints in relation to their clothes. Confirm that the customer’s laundry bill is sent at Reception on time.
● Is capable of sewing or ironing customers’ personal clothes in an emergency. Repairs linen and staff uniforms when they do not want a particular repair.
● Converts damaged linen into dust cloths, after consultation with the Supervisor.
● Loads correctly and neatly linen on shelves, by type with the appropriate name appearing on the shelf. stock taking whenever requested or as needed.
● Supplies the chambermaids every day with clean clothes, according to their needs.
● Monitor the cleaning of linen and communicate with Supervisor about their quality.
● Prepares (folding) bathrobes together with slippers, and places them in rooms & bathroom.
● Deliver the dining linen with caution. Keeps records and receipts for the delivery in the laundry by completing the appropriate form.
● Is well familiar with the Hotel policies and procedures, and its premises. Is knowledgeable with the emergency procedures,
● Undertakes any other duties assigned by the Supervisor.


● Pleasant Attitude
● Communication Skills
● Flexibility & Adaptability
● Active Listening
● Teamwork & Cooperation
● Good Physical condition
● Excellent personal hygiene

Qualifications and Educational Background

● Basic calculations skills
● 6 months experienced in a similar position is consider as a plus
● Knowledge of Health and Safety regulations


English - A2/B1

Greek - A2/B1