Front Office Manager


Front Office Manager

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To organize, supervise and smoothly operate the Front office departments, particularly in relation to conditions of stay and departures of customers. A timely response to issues concerning rooms request and invoicing policy. Manage the department to operate within the predefined goals and policies of the hotel, ensuring high levels of service and sales promotion.

Responsibilities and Duties

● They is the general in charge of the Front Office. Acquire full responsibility for the appearance, cleanliness and preparation of all the area of responsibility, in order to be ready for welcoming the customers.
● They collaborates with the General Manager and make budget proposals of the department in relation to equipment and staffing.
● Ensure that all staff reports for duty punctually and maintains a clean and smart at all times.
● Maintain the highest levels of personal hygiene, cleanliness and appearance, and follow health and safety rules. They should be a Leader and a professional figure.
● They schedules a weekly program for all department staff, supervises the annual leave and staff’s days off.
● During his absence, defines a replacer ensuring that everything works smoothly (security, telephones, technical etc.)
● Trains staff and have overall responsibility so that all department staff is able to respond to the completion of all works in accordance with the standards.
● They participates at the weekly management meeting contributing to the smooth operation of the hotel.
● They verifies that all daily arrivals will have the scheduled room at the appointed time.
● They maintains a logbook recording unusual incidents, guest comments, occurrences or complaints.
● Approves and confirms reservations through travel agents, as well as cases of individual or group bookings and handles overbooking.
● They plans the allocation of rooms and in case of overbooking arranges accommodation at another tourist complex, superior or at least the same category.
● They participates in tour of educational groups visiting the hotel. They keeps in touch with local representatives of Travel Agents and liaises with customers to ensure a good stay.
● In the case of low occupancy period, the General Manager shall be informed and together they shall decide a strategy change and take measures in order to increase bookings.
● They is well familiar with the Hotel policies, procedures, and the physical layout of its premises, and is knowledgeable to the emergency procedures.
● They must carry out any additional duties assigned by the management.


● Active listening
● Effective communication skills
● Team spirit
● Flexibility to work in shifts
● Coordination
● Excellent Time Management & Awareness
● Able to lead a team

Qualifications and Educational Background

● Diploma / Bachelor/ Master from a Hotel School
● Management and Leadership skills
● At least 3 years of experience in a relative position
● Computer literacy (PMS software, excel, word)
● Excellent knowledge of the Health and Safety regulations


Greek - C1

English - C1

Russian, German & French - Considered as an extra qualification