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What is INSTANT?
The ‘INSTANT’ platform (INtelligent platform for providing STaffing ANd Training in the Hotel Industry), is a large-scale project-contract between Prountzos & Prountzos LLC and the Research and Innovation Foundation amid concerns about the tourism industry of Cyprus. The consortium consists of ten partners in total, including, amongst others, governmental, public and private entities, with each one’s contribution varying in accordance to their field of expertise. The funding received for the completion of the project will exceed the amount of €800,000, whilst its implementation is expected to be completed in July 2023.

The proposal was submitted during the course of the RESTART 2016-2020 programme. It is about a smart-solution, innovative and interdisciplinary in nature platform, solely designed to tackle the hotel-staffing problem by simply enabling a mechanism that makes job-finding easier and more effective. Given this, the utter goal is the strengthening of the economic competitiveness of Cyprus through the enhancement of research, technology development and innovation, launching for the first time ever, an all-encompassing model which marks a turning point in the tourism services and industry.

From a practical aspect, INSTANT addresses a wide range of audiences ranging from current hotel staff to people actively seeking potential job opportunities in the industry in question, as well as hoteliers. Employment, vocational training and integration and mobility are the main pillars that the project focuses upon, all contributing towards the establishment of a structured link, bridging the existing gap between recruitment needs and staff training requirements.