Executive Chef/Kitchen Manager


Executive Chef/Kitchen Manager

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Job Description

To ensure the Kitchen is providing highest possible quality food within budgeted cost, maintaining guests Satisfaction, and a high standard of services to all the guests in accordance with the standards; to prepare menus, according to costing and catering policies. Staffing, training and development of personnel.

Responsibilities and Duties

● In charge of all production/kitchen areas. Bears full responsibility for the cleanliness and appearance of the kitchens and equipment.
● Prepares, renews and enriches menus and buffets with new recipes, new flavors and imaginative decoration. Suggested menu, for special guests or functions.
● Collaborates with the Management to plan and develop recipes and menus. Analyzes recipes for costing, based on food, labor, and overhead costs.
● Collaborates with the General Manager and makes budget proposals of the department, in relation to, equipment and staffing.
● Schedules, coordinates and supervises work of all other kitchen staff. He schedules the weekly kitchen staff.
● Informs the staff for the day's work and ensures the smooth operation of the kitchen
● Trains staff and have overall responsibility, so all department staff. Simultaneously, is able to respond to the completion of all duties in accordance with the standards.
● Is responsible for ordering raw materials from Central storage, checking quality specifications and prices when receiving. Additionally, control of stock.
● Performs a regular counting of kitchen’s inventories, in collaboration with the Food and Beverage Manager.
● Participates in management team meetings. Participation in seminars organized by the company
● Respects all the officers of the company and works impartially with them. Respects and protects the assets of the company.
● Is well familiar with the Hotel policies and procedures, and its premises. Is knowledgeable to the emergency procedures,
● Is able to perform any other related duties and authorities that may be assigned by the management of the company.


● Pleasant Attitude
● Flexibility & Agility
● General Management Skills
● Teamwork & Cooperation
● Coordination
● Excellent Time Management & Awareness
● Able to lead a team

Qualifications and Educational Background

● Understanding of Greek language will be considered as additional qualification
● Minimum 3 years’ experience in a relative position
● Excellent knowledge of the Health & Safety Food Hygiene and HACCP requirements
● Computer knowledge (word/ excel is a must)
● Knowledge of Property Management Systems (menu costing and menu design, labor cost)


English - C1

Any other language - A1